Asquith Butler before

Asquith Butler after

Services : Industrial & Commercial Unit Building Modernisation

Unitair Centre, Heathrow
Unitair, Heathrow
before modernisation
  Unitair Centre, Heathrow
and after modernisation

Dated buildings can be transformed

PMC Midlands specialise in updating building exteriors using quality cladding products to give a modern and attractive finish.

Existing brick work or cladding can be given a fresh look with high-quality paints.

And adding a canopy over the main entrance will enhance the first impression for business visitors.

Increase energy efficiency

The use of external cladding and insulation will increase the energy efficiency of your building, resulting in lower energy costs.

Internal roofing

Under purling linings fitted to existing roof steelwork and gables will transform the energy efficiency and aesthetic look of your building.

Above: Before modernisation and extention work took place at Asquith Butler premises.
Below: After modernisation with external cladding, replacement windows and some building work.