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Cladding, which is also known as sheeting, lining or over-cladding, offers many uses for commercial buildings.


Lining to meet hygene standards
Hygiene standards:
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  Water pressure testing
Water pressure testing:
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New steel framework buildings are fitted with cladding due to its resilience and because it offers a cost effective solution, particularly for large commercial buildings.

Whether you have a new build, extension or modernisation project, PMC Midlands can advise you on the range of cladding most suitable.

You can select from a range of styles and colours, along with a choice of insulation values to suit your needs.

External cladding, flashing and windows are fitted to meet water pressure tolerance requirements.


Steel frame buildings are often fitted with an under purling lining (cladding) to increase the insulation and energy efficiency of the building.

When modernising a building, an under purling lining is a very effective way of enhancing the habitability and energy efficiency of a commercial building.

A range of colours and insulation values are available and can be fitted to meet specific requirements for example,

• to meet food hygiene requirements;
• to increase insulation; and
• to make habitable.

Above: A steel frame building, with part brickwork, external cladding and an insulated under purling lining being fitted.
Below: External cladding is a quick and cost effective way of constructing large buildings.