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Hepworth Building Products

Services : Industrial & Commercial Unit Building Maintenance

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A range of maintenance services are offered by PMC Midlands, these include:

Commercial roofing repairs & replacement
Leaking roofs in steel-frame commercial buildings can be quickly and efficiently repaired to prevent further damage of building or contents. Steel, composite and Kingspan sheet roofing can be repaired or replaced.

Integrating vents
All types of heating and ducting vents can be securely integrated through existing roof or side cladding. Made to measure flashing seals each vent to ensure water tight.

Refurbishment & replacement of cladding
Roofing or side cladding and sheeting can be cleaned and replaced where necessary to prevent further deterioration.

Removal of existing steel based buildings
PMC Midlands can dismantle existing steel based buildings. All components are disposed of safely, meeting current regulations.

Asbestos sheet - strip & resheet
We can safely remove Asbestos sheet and resheet with cladding of your choice to provide improved safety and efficiency.

Above: Roof in need of refurbishment at Hepworth Brick
Below: After the roof had been cleaned up and replacement sheeting fitted.