PMC Midlands Case Studies

Devonshire Developments, Letchworth

PMC Midlands are working with Devonshire Developments to create starter commercial units and office space utilising existing premises.

The existing steel frame buildings required a complete refurbishment, including side walls and composite panel cladding.

The flat roof was raised and converted to a pitched roof to aid drainage and to join up with new extension steelwork.

All steelwork and construction of the single storey extension were completed by PMC Midlands to provide additional warehouse space.

An internal concrete mezzanine floor was constructed using 70 tonne of steel beams to provide office space.

Project spend: 300,000 (approx.)

Top: The original flat roof.
Bottom: New pitch roof now in place to aid drainage.

Top: The original building was stripped back to steelwork and new steelwork was constructed to increase building size.
Bottom: The external walls, cladding and windows start to be put in place.

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