PMC Midlands Case Studies, Buckinghamshire

An important factor in building the new secure storage facilities for has been to ensure minimal disruption to their business during the construction process, and working with care around 1 million worth of Porsches.

This meant deliveries and construction times had to be coordinated to tie in with available space in the yard; and the site had to be managed carefully both from a cleanliness and safety point of view.

Phase 1:
PMC Midlands dismantled original asbestos buildings. Groundworks were carried out with a 6 reinforced pad being put down.

A 13 x 13 metre steel portal frame warehouse was designed and built with composite cladding, steel reinforced roller shutters and secure access being fitted.

Phase 2:
A second site was cleared and a 12 x 17 metre steel portal frame warehouse was built next to the first, to create additional secure storage facilities for 911 Virgin.

Phase 3:
The two new storage facilities have been linked with a canopy between suitable for displaying vehicles.

Project spend: 80,000

Top: Work in progress during construction of phase 1.
Bottom: Internal view of the secure storage facilities.

Top: External view at the completion of phase 1.
Bottom: Completion of phase 3, with the two storage facilities being linked with a useful canopy.

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