PMC Midlands Case Studies

Little Bells Nursery & Children's Centre, Birmingham

PMC Midlands worked with MJS Construction to design and build Little Bells Nursery & Children’s Centre.

Specialist steelwork was designed and constructed for the curved roof plans drawn up by the architect.

The style of the roof design and the purpose of the building meant that PMC Midlands had to determine a solution for meeting the specified ‘U’ value required of the roof, while keeping within the design requirements.

This was solved using a combination of timber purlins and rock wool insulation, along with under purling linings to achieve the facia detail required.

Above: The completed Children's Nursery building.
Below: The curved steelwork being fitted.

Because of the specific 'U' value required for the Nursery premises roof, PMC Midlands used a combination of timber purlins, rock wool and under purling linings to achieve the finished look & insulation requirements.

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