PMC Midlands Case Studies

Wilnecote Brick, for Tarmac Central

Before the kiln and drying room extension could be constructed at Wilnecote Brick, PMC Midlands had to design and install a steel lattice girder to enable an existing supporting portal column be removed. The girder had to take the loading of five existing portals, plus the new extension.

The civils were designed in conjunction with Briesco to meet load tolerance requirements to support the new kiln tracks. Transfer pit groundwork leading to the drying room was also designed to specific load tolerances.

PMC Midlands oversaw the installation of the kiln chimney stacks and securely fixed through roofing to ensure water tight.

A steel frame building was constructed to house the new equipment, with part brick work and cladding.

Project spend: 250,000

Above: The new drying room being constructed at Wilnecote Brick.
Below: Working with Briesco to install groundwork for the kiln and chimney stacks.

Above: The steel lattice girder PMC Midlands designed to take the load of adjacent buildings.
Below: The completed kiln and drying rooms at Wilnecote Brick.

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